Be the turning point: Join the corporate accountability action league.

Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president brings into focus just how broken our economic and political systems are. We know Trump won’t be the one to fix them. Already, his rhetoric and Cabinet choices indicate that the Trump administration will be an agent for deepening crony capitalism and expanding corporate influence. The result will be even more economic injustice, racism, and inequity.

For all of us working for justice, equity, and peace, a Trump presidency presents great challenges. But we MUST rise to these challenges, and we must begin today. Now is the time to commit to being resilient, bold, and dedicated to standing up for our common good, our humanity, our democracy, and our planet.

Why challenge corporate power under a Trump administration?

Powerful forces, with transnational corporations at the helm, have driven a system that benefits only a handful of people, while leaving the rest behind. And while Trump railed against corporate might during the election -- promising to “drain the swamp” of Washington -- his actions, not least of which is the appointment of corporate shills and billionaires to Cabinet posts, promise to flood the swamp and entrench corporate power.

Trump’s use of racism, sexism, and xenophobia also helped get him elected. His rhetoric conflated economic hardship and uncertainty with racism and fear of “the other.” We need to shine a spotlight on the fact that our economic system itself is failing most people and perpetuating systemic racism. We need a system where all people are safe, have their basic needs met, and can thrive -- and we can only achieve this by coming together to create the change we seek.

You can be an important part of transforming power structures that perpetrate economic, racial, and social injustice. Corporate Accountability has a proven track record of taking on corporate power and a 40-year history of mobilizing grassroots actions to create lasting changes.

What am I pledging to do?

We know we have to be even more strategic and courageous in these next four years. And we need even more people leading actions to challenge corporate power.

That looks like a lot of things:

  • Attending or leading trainings.
  • Calling elected officials and corporate executives.
  • Joining rallies or demonstrations.
  • Throwing house parties.
  • Hosting dinner conversations.
  • Writing letters to the editor.
  • Donating money.
  • And more!

We’ll be looking to you to help shape and drive these tactics.

We’ll also be looking for folks to help prevent the expansion of the private water industry and uphold people’s right to clean water and challenge Big Food and Big Tobacco (especially considering Mike Pence has actively opposed tobacco control measures while receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from this deadly industry).

Thank you for becoming part of the resistance. Together, we will block the expansion of corporate power with triumphant people power.