Join in solidarity with allies challenging water privatization and organizing for the human right to water in Lagos!

All people should have access to safe, clean water at rates they can afford.

But for decades, the World Bank has been laying the groundwork to push dangerous water privatization schemes in Lagos, Nigeria, the largest city on the African continent.

For four years, our joint campaign with Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth, Nigeria has successfully stopped water privatization in Lagos. And momentum is on our side. We’re at a clear tipping point for water justice—in Lagos and beyond.

That’s why we’re bringing together activists from Lagos, across Nigeria, and around the world at a National Summit on the Human Right to Water in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, to advance the global water justice movement and chart a path forward for advancing the human right to water across the African continent.

Join in solidarity with the “Our Water, Our Right” campaign ahead of the summit: Send a message to the World Bank, private water corporations, and the elected officials that do their bidding that you demand public, democratic control of water at rates all people can afford.