Demand Philip Morris International pay the true costs of the tobacco epidemic

For decades, Big Tobacco has used predatory marketing tactics, junk science, front groups, and lobbying to drive -- and profit from -- the tobacco epidemic, which still claims 7 million people’s lives each year.

Corporate Accountability, in partnership with allied organizations and people like you, has successfully protected public health policymaking all over the world from Big Tobacco’s interference for years. In fact, just this past fall, together we kicked Big Tobacco out of the global tobacco treaty for good.

So the industry is resurrecting one of its time-tested strategies: hide behind so-called “corporate social responsibility” schemes and front groups. In 2017, PMI launched a new foundation, called the “Foundation for a Smoke-Free World.” It announced it would be spending $80 million per year for 12 years on this foundation solely funded by the tobacco giant.

But a “smoke-free” veil can’t hide that Big Tobacco is still the same industry… one that’s determined to addict a whole new generation of people to its new generation of products. And the only way it can do that is if it interferes in the powerful policymaking happening all over the globe.

People around the world are seeing through the smoke: From the World Health Organization to respected universities and institutions to NGOs, allied organizations, and people like you, the global public health community has rallied to expose and reject this foundation. Now, it’s time for PMI to end this thinly veiled marketing ploy and pay up for the decades of harm associated with its deadly products.

Add your name to demand Philip Morris International shut down this foundation and pay for the harms its products have caused.