Thank you Attorney General Healey!

Exxon’s known for half a century that burning fossil fuels fuels disastrous climate change.

Instead of shifting course, it bankrolled in climate denial and deception: Manufacture doubt. Attack science. Buy political loyalty. And paralyze our public and political climate to stop climate action that would threaten its profits.

And despite its greenwashing ads touting its ‘solutions,’ the fossil fuel industry is still blocking progress on climate change.

We can expose Big Polluters’ deception, clear them out of policymaking, and hold them accountable. In fact, it’s an essential first step in the broad, powerful, and growing movement all over the world to finally implement the just climate solutions we know we need.

It starts with our state attorneys general investigating Exxon’s decades of deception, and Attorney General Healey is leading the way. Take a minute to thank Attorney General Healey: