Call your state attorney general and urge them to investigate Exxon and other Big Polluters!

It’s time for the fossil fuel industry to stop writing the rules, and pay for the damage it’s caused. And the first step is for state attorneys general to investigate Exxon, and other Big Polluters, for their decades of deception.

We’ve already got a solid start, but we need to make sure the call is unavoidable. Now is the time to build on the momentum of state attorneys general investigating Exxon’s decades of deception — and they need to hear from you. Call your attorney general and urge them to investigate Exxon’s climate deception today.

Make your call compelling by:

1. Using our call script below as a guide, but adding your own voice to it.

2. Speaking about how the climate crisis affects you and your community.

3. Speaking clearly and with confidence to get your point across.

First, look up your state’s attorney general and dial their number.

Then use the following script to guide your call: