Demand your Governor end water shutoffs and restore services!

At this moment, we are facing a global health and economic crisis as the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak continue to grow.

At a critical time when people everywhere are being told to vigilantly wash their hands and stay hydrated, it's impossible to ignore that some people do not have the ability to take these simple measures to protect themselves -- in part because of inhumane shut-off policies that penalize people who are struggling or simply unable to pay their water bills. We see this happening across the United States and around the world.

That's why we are calling on each and every Governor across the U.S. to take immediate action and end water shutoffs as well as restore water services to homes that have been disconnected. This is an essential step to stemming the spread of COVID-19 and advancing the human right to water.

Write to your Governor today and demand an end to water shutoffs and a restoration of water services right now: