Tell your members of Congress to put #PeopleOverPolluters: No Corporate Bailouts for Big Polluters

People continue to suffer through the profound effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the emerging economic recession. None are harder hit than communities of color, people from the Global South, and indigenous communities. Many of us are offering mutual aid and assistance to one another. Yet, at the same time, Big Polluters like the fossil fuel industry are once again trying to cash in on Congress’ emergency stimulus relief legislation.

So far during the pandemic, the fossil fuel industry has lobbied the EPA to suspend critical pollution controls, pushed forward pipelines like Keystone XL, and tried to cut funding for sick workers.

And even with recent stimulus bills that were passed into law, we cannot deny that this was far from the systemic change we need to provide just, equitable and long-term relief directly to people. It included a lavish multi-trillion dollar slush fund for corporations, but little immediate help for so many people facing urgent issues, especially to Black, Indigenous and immigrant communities that are more deeply impacted by the compounding impacts of the pandemic and systemic racism.

But it’s not over yet! Congress is discussing releasing another stimulus package in the coming weeks. We must ensure that our elected officials stand strong and demand a bill that provides immediate relief for communities most impacted by COVID-19, and pursue a just transition away from fossil fuels and to a regenerative economy which centers Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Global South communities.

That’s why Corporate Accountability, along with 100s of other organizations, is calling on Congress to say #PeopleNotPolluters by opposing bailouts for the fossil fuel industry in any future stimulus package.

Write to your member of Congress today and demand they support #PeopleNotPolluters.